Крупье казино рояль

Фильм «Casino Royale» () — дата выхода в онлайн-кинотеатре Okko будет известна позже. Режиссёр: Мартин Кэмпбелл.

В ролях: Дэниэл Крэйг.

Казино рояль. Чаевые дилеру | Пикабу

А знаете, кто из фильма «Казино Рояль» казино рояль крупье конце концов остался в в выигрыше? Крупье. Бонд оставил ему «на чай» игральный чип. У нас на сайте вы можете смотреть Казино Рояль () в 4K Ultra HD качестве бесплатно. Описание — За Джеймсом Бондом не числится убийств. Казино Рояль ().

Фильм Казино Рояль актеры и роли / (Casino Royale) | Актеры и роли —

Актеры, режиссер, продюсеры и другие участники съемочной группы. Казино Рояль. Casino Royale,

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    1:14 That tube doesnt explode on collision unless there is a fire source nearby.
    1:28 Why do you jump there? You might be stuck in the air. Dont you want to run away?
    1:40 I dont know the background story, but do you need to chase him any further? You can follow him from the ground.
    1:58 How do you know how the locking meachanism of that device works?
    2:15 You cornered him in a narrow path. Why dont you try to shoot him?
    2:40 You cant throw something that fast in that footing position. You lose your balance and fall to you death.
    3:05 Okay! Thats your chance. Kick his fingers and he will fall down!
    3:20 Why is there sand on that specific building top?
    3:32 You cant grab a bar like that during free fall. It is biologically impossible. No professional gymnast can.
    3:50 How do you know the shortcut?
    3:56 Are you serious? So many havoc happening outside, big accidents, explosions, gun shots, people literally die, and the workers are still working inside as in a normal workday.
    4:22 How do you know that it was a thin wall?
    4:40 Again, how do you know who to disable the brakes of that lift?
    5:05 You approach two soldiers running that fast with a backpack, and they show absolutely no response?
    5:13 Why dont the driver notice you? He is turning the corner, he must be paying a lot of attension by looking around and his mirrors.
    6:10 How do soldiers shoot around so much? What if the shoot a civilian? If prioritize security so much, why didnt they pay attention to the incident at 5:05?
    6:55 Why arent the soldiers shooting him now? I thought the dont care about shooting any bystanders.
    7:15 Good. Stop drop your gun like that. How do you know they wont shoot you?

  2. Among all Craigs Bond films, this scene is and will always be the most epic one.

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  4. the black guy earned his exit alive, he jumped left and right awesomely

  5. When the movie started like that I was hell YES we’re gonna have fun😂

  6. the movie wouldve end if the guy stomp James Bond finger at 3:06 instead of running away xD
    but the thought of fighting James Bond after keeping up that crazy chase might have frightened him so he didnt think straight and just think of running away

  7. how me and my brother feel playing the floor is lava in our living room

  8. my hands are sweating just watching this. Trying to imagine climbing a 100ft high wire with sweaty hands & insane adrenaline levels while gun shots/explosions happen just yonder…I couldnt do it, but Michael Scarn could.

  9. Never has there been a more explosive, energetic beginning to a film… Loved it!

  10. he is the correct one of Bond perform properly. perfect skill in fight

  11. Its the best ever 007 , best actor, best director, best music, best scenes, best locations, best dialogue , cant find anything wrong. just love it.

  12. Isn´t that rasistic? Cancel all the copies of the film, calcel all the actors, cancel all the Earth…

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  14. Fact that this was filmed in the Bahamas and not Madagascar is not important. However in Madagascar cobras and mangose do not exist!

  15. 老兵向前衝,年輕人段後,科技人加油,真正台灣人加油,滅絕國共兩黨,恢復民主自由法制。

  16. Sébastien Foucan made himself all the stunts, contrary to Daniel Craig…

  17. Never in my life did i see real life Assassin’s Creed till this dude 0:48

  18. This be every white man when some pickpocket steals their wallet in a third world country

  19. So the 2 top villains are Danish..
    Are the producers making a point?

  20. Why does he chase him up there?
    Its not like hes gonna escape to the moon or something.

  21. Atimes I begin to wonder who is muchCrazier between Daniel Craig and Jason startham

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  24. Yeah. It is very well made but the make up / hair dresser did poor job. Even blind could spot the difference. The stuntman has yellowish hair but Daniel brownish. His name is Kai Martin. Still need to say it was a good exercise for both 🙂

  25. Possibly the best directed, staged, scored and edited action sequence i have ever seen.

  26. When you realise that the last midnight train will leave the station within 15 seconds. 4:14

  27. Best Action Scene In Any Bond Films. Destabilizing Cinematography, Raw Practical Effects, Hair Raising Background Score, Brilliant Effort By Actors Themselves… Cant Ask For More Than That

  28. Having a good laugh at the smashing through partition scene. So bond!

  29. 6:13 when someone tells me that Pierce Brosnan is better than Daniel Craig.

  30. You have to hold your hands up to the stunt guys on this breathtaking chase everything you want in a bond opening chase 👍👏👏👏

  31. The day this came out, I watched it twice in a row at the cinema and then went back again two more times over the next few weeks. That’s way too many hours spent on a damn movie, but I LOVED it. Still enjoy more than a decade later.

  32. When Bond runs through the wall I nodded in approval; at 64 270 Id have done the same lol. Hes just lucky there were no support beams or conduit in that section or hed just Shockmaster himself and wed reprise the theme song roll credits 😏

  33. The oceanic dimple importantly film because january methodologically prepare times a redundant gong. annoying, illustrious prosecution

  34. Their is no other or will be Better Movie Chase scene than this 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  35. I want to see tom cruise in James bond series it will be more fun

  36. I’m not an acrophobe, but I can only imagine how stressful this scene would be if you were one

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  37. Came back straight again after watching lessons from the screen play.

  38. I just couldnt figure it out, why so many dislikes for such a wonderful chase scene?

  39. This scene really defined Bond imo, because in every athletic action the villain takes, Bond uses his ingenuity and wit (the long armed crane to run up, the counterweight to lift elevate himself to the top of the overhead crane, when the guy slips through that small space above the drywall whereas he smashes through it like the kool-aid man, and the final leap across the small elevator and Bond instead takes the scissor lift down). All of those things really made Bond stand out using his unique thinking to catch a physically and athletically superior foe. The chase exemplifies all of it so well and the rest of the movie also does a great job of showing his luck, which I think is another key thing Bond has going for him.

  40. Please Please 🙏🙏pray to GOD for my marriage with my gf

  41. The African guy is as fit as Bond,was quite a chase for Bond,he is fit to become the first black Bond.

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