Арт шоп казино

Магазин женской одежды LOVE REPUBLIC – официальный интернет-магазин

казино арт шоп Самые вкусные коллекции лучших производителей мужской одежды от классики до Casual по отличным ценам. Доставка бесплатно!

В интернет-магазине Казино арт шоп вы можете купить репродукцию картины «В казино», художник – Михаил Павленин, жанр – Сюжет, направление – Иное. Серьги Casino Синий Интернет магазин бижутерии KONPLOTT Авторская ручная работа Примерка перед покупкой Оплата при получении. Алиса в Стране Чудес. Иллюстрации Дениса Корнева арт, Иллюстрация на окне, алиса в стране чудес, Денис Корнев, карандаш, длиннопост, рисунок.

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  1. I wish someone asked to make a life sized MOSASAURUS, MEGALODON and BLUE WHALE!

  2. This is defo one of their BEST cakes wow and its not like 90 percent rice cakes either

  3. They just made that cake on top of plywood with nothing underneath it smh

  4. imagine how much of this cake is wasted. Think about all the giant cakes and how much people waste

  5. Istg if it’s just fondant, rice crispies, wood, or hair I give up on life

  6. Hola Buddy quiero a prender a hacer pastel de tres leches y de chocolates por veo como los haces y me imagino que son muy sabrosos tus pasteles me puedes mandar la recetas

  7. Preparation of cakes mostly takes in TLC India programme which is yawning since other rival channels are also visualizing the same programme.

  8. Why are they not wherein hair nets or gloves. When I doing a cake for a customer I am require to where gloves and hair nets. Even when I cook at home my head is covered.

  9. I mean, the appearance is incredibly realistic, but the cake itself doesn’t look that much appetising, like, it’s plain vanilla cake with Italian meringue and a ton of fondant.

  10. And still

    They could have added more cake…
    I am only joking and if I see one comment about not enough cake I am gonna…

  11. In America, you eat Alligator Cake.


  12. 1:30 look how burnt all the edges of the cage look! At least they’re not stiff though, so maybe it was just the edge…

  13. *Cuts into it*
    Why is it bleeding?
    *Turns around and sees the cake*
    Oh shit

  14. Someone:How is your lockdown going on?
    Me:By watering my mouth looking these tasty cakes

  15. Everybody is talking about how amazing the cake is and I just think how expensive it really was !

  16. I Wonder for how long that Cobblestone Mat has been in the Bakery I see it in nearly every episode of Cake Boss.

  17. Im happy this time most of it actually was cake, when most of the time they are just rice krispies lol

  18. Being from Florida I forget how people react when they first see a gator 😂

  19. Lol all that hard work down in people’s intestines and stomach. Such fools

  20. Cake boss my ass… theres no cake..??? Rice crispy cake maybe ??… 😖😵👎

  21. Imagine this Buddy spends hours trying to make *THE PERFECT CAKE* for every customer and when he’s finished………..

    The next day it gets flushed down a toilet 😂

  22. i dont get it , why do they put plywood if-then u gotta eat it

  23. mmmm….I want a slice of cake with metal wires and plywood please

    1. I dont know what youre expecting, for the cake to hold itself up in mid air?

  24. Imagine the alligator trying to mate then realize its a cake😂😂😂😂

  25. Y’all I would order a cake of my cat 😂 she gonna watch me eat her.

  26. It’s funny how they don’t show the cake making process 🤣😂

  27. Sooooo much of work goes into every cake , but…it lasts just 60 seconds and then Buddy starts cutting it up.. 😣☹️☹️☹️

  28. This cake already big and the fact that they still wanted more by making the mouth open and close that. I can’t even make a cupcake 😭

  29. When Ralph said Idk what you thought was going to happen there 😂😂😂

  30. I’ve actually seen mighty mike in person. I went to Newport cause I live in Kentucky and HE WAS HUGE but he was released into the wild

  31. Its just fondant,cake should be something with delicious flavors not just sugar dough!!


  33. They seem surprised that they wanted a big cake when that’s their job

  34. well seen other comments know say cup cake version gator eggs. so cup cake look egg but crack or holes have baby gator head or tales stick out cup cakes. 6 them.

    1. maybe with out open and shut mouth. but wonder shrink down about 1 layer birthday cake get krongers. might so small compared giant cake. think normal people walk store want cake with alligator skin cake. want touch that.

  35. Imagine putting ALOT of effort in a masterpiece, just to end up in someone’s stomach 💀✌️

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